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New Donegal karate club to take TV spotlight – Ireland Live

A new karate club is set to hit the screen as part of an upcoming Irish language series on RTE.

Producers of a highly anticipated new television series have set their sights on Mary O’Neill, a Letterkenny-based female sensei, and her thriving Donegal School of Shotokan Karate, which will feature in ‘Cailíní Comhraic’ on RTE.

The series aims to show-case diverse martial arts practices in Ireland, with O’Neill’s club chosen as the exclusive representative for karate in Ireland. The recognition is a testament to her expertise and the vibrant karate community she has cultivated since opening in August.

O’Neill expressed excitement about the opportunity to showcase the beauty and discipline of karate on a national platform, emphasisng inclusivity for all ages. The club is known for its welcoming environment, catering to individuals of all ages and skill levels.

Since opening the club, Mary has stepped back into the competition spotlight this year to win a bronze in Advanced Senior Kata and bronze in Advanced Team Kata in her first competition in the Mayo Nationals.

She also won a bronze in Advanced Senior Black belt Kata and a silver in Senior Kumite (fighting) at SKIF Ireland Murakami Open Shield, which was her first kumite fight.

Two of her students, Desiree and Mason Doherty (mother and child) entered the Carlow Nationals, taking home a gold and silver in their individual kata categories after only a brief few weeks of training.

O’Neill says her philosophy centres on fostering personal growth, building self-confidence, and creating a supportive community regardless of winning medals.

Her core statement is to ‘compete with yourself,  with a positive outlook, you will never win that battle as you’ll always strive to do better but equally you’ll never lose, as long you don’t give up’.

She said: “Get on the mat and you have won the inner battle within yourself, facing fears you never thought accomplishable, everything after that is a bonus.” 

O’Neill is determined to break down barriers and promote the idea that karate is for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level.

She said: “The karate community is already buzzing with excitement, anticipating the unique spotlight that will shine on Ireland’s only chosen karate club in the upcoming hit series and to give karate the chance of being put on the map.”

Mary says she is is ‘super excited’ to pass on what she can to current and new club members showing how to embrace the discipline, camaraderie, and personal development that karate has to offer.

The new term is starting on Wednesday 3rd of January and all new comers welcome. The club currently has little ninjas, male and female members with all degrees of experience and is opening the doors to the new OAKs (older aged karatekas) with a few members 70 plus already signing up.

She said: “There is no age limit to attacks on the street and it’s also a great way to increase mobility in daily life”.

“It is our perception of life’s difficulties that determine the way we deal with them, without fear we cannot be brave, and without failure we will not feel the ecstasy of getting back up and winning the moment. Failure is not a choice but quitting is! Karate and life has its fair share of setbacks but it is in embracing them that we become stronger. Quitting, or never starting, is the only true defeat. Don’t wait until tomorrow to make a change, take the step today.”

Contact Mary on 0877178503 or find her on Instagram and Facebook at Donegal School of Shotokan Karate. The club is based at Thorn Road in Letterkenny.










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