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M’sian Woman Who Went as Po From ‘Kung Fu Panda’ Wins Best … – WORLD OF BUZZ

While Halloween is about 2 weeks behind us at this point, there’s never a moment where we can’t put a cute costume together to impress those around us.

Kolej Komuniti Kuala Langat recent organised Animation Cosplay Day, an event where students and teachers alike were encouraged to come in some of their best costumes inspired by anime, cartoons, or even movies, be it domestic or international ones.

However, one staff member stole the spotlight by going as one of the most famous pandas in the world.


Puan Puteri Intan Baizura made heads turn as she walked into the halls of the college dressed up as Po Ping, the Dragon Warrior and titular character of the Kung Fu Panda movie franchise. Impressing students and teachers alike, the entire hall cheered for Puan Puteri as she walked in, as shared on the college’s official TikTok page @kolejkomunitikualalangat.

Striking a pose, Puan Puteri’s costume hits every mark, not missing a single detail. From the bamboo stick in her hand to the conical hat, she even has Po’s signature belly in place too.

Img 0380

In the caption of the TikTok video, it was revealed that Puan Puteri did indeed with first place for the contest.

Img 0381

Receiving major praise for her innovation and creativity for the costume, many TikTok commenters expressed how amazed they were by the ensemble and Puan Puteri’s confidence while strutting through the hall.

“So cute, there’s even a tail!” pointed out one user.

Img 0377

Img 0374

Img 0375

Img 0376

Watch the full TikTok video below:


Johan Kategori Staf – Dragon Warrior Po oleh Puan Puteri Intan Baizura binti Abdul Aziz Comel min tengok Po ni 😍 #KKKKLHebat #TerokaiDuniaTVETKKKL #KKKL2Dekad #JomTanyaKKKL #KKKLMulanyaDisini #JomMasukKKKL #JomMasukKKKLCS #MalaysiaMADANI #welovepolycc #jombelajar #cosplay #cosplayday #animationstudent #anime #maskot #cosplayer #gamers #kungfupanda #dragonwarrior

♬ Kung Fu Fighting – Cee-Lo

What would you rate this fantastic costume? Let us know!


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